Resurfacing after a long absence

Anna Skarzynska theania at
Thu Nov 23 17:22:49 EST 2000

Hello everyone,
I am back at last. Just ploughed through hundreds of emails and will be
posting comments soon - today in fact - honest!
In case you all forgot me - I wouldn't be surprised - I am Ania, I live in
Wales and I did Celtic studies at Aberystwyth Uni. I am still struggling
with my wretched PhD on an obscure Early Modern Irish tale. Upheavals of all
kind prevented me from paying much attention to the list, anyway, I moved
house, changed email address, resubscribed, collected a HUGE backlog and
recently started to sort my life out. Gory details available, but irrelevant
to this list.
Just one little comment to add for now:
Jennifer wrote:
> Jealousy! I haven't seen *any* episodes of Angel, Channel 4 put it on at 6
> so nobody would be home from work, then of course they cut it (and just
> don't show some eps) as it's "not suitable for family viewing". WELL OF
> COURSE IT ISN'T!! PUT IT ON LATER!!!! Sorry to shout- it's just so
> Plus they keep moving it so it's more difficult to video. There was a bit
> Right To Reply last week about why they moved it, but they never said why
> they put it on ridiculously early.
Well, there IS one good side to living in Wales and not getting Channel 4
(whereon Angel in the UK) but instead having S4C (Sianel Pedwar Cymru =
Welsh language Channel 4), which suffers from surfeit of Welsh rugby, Welsh
quiz shows, Welsh soap operas... the Welsh isn't a problem, because I speak
it, but I detest sport, soaps and quiz shows (except University challenge
and Have I Got News for You)... but I digress. The point is that Angel is
screened late at night on the same night as Ch.4, and it's UNCUT. Ha!
More anon.

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