Bed-time musings on character in DWJ

Robyn Starkey robyns at
Mon Nov 20 00:20:24 EST 2000

>Well, in the formal sense of "breach of promise of marriage", probably 
>not.  But
>I think he would have denied it a lot more strongly if he hadn't deliberately
>led the Witch to believe he was genuinely committed.
>But... What on earth do you mean by "a guy thing or a Howl thing"?

Well, guys are often a bit deliberately obtuse when it comes to 
understandings of the nuances of their relationships with women. To give an 
example, about 10 years ago just when we were getting together, there was 
this girl who had a crush on my husband. He was really really nice to her, 
and he didn't see how she was interpreting his niceness as romantic 
interest. Everyone around them told him he broke her heart, but he couldn't 
or wouldn't see it. Then a couple of months ago we moved house and he found 
a letter she wrote him and it suddenly became clear to him what he had 
done. So he said, "gosh I should apologise" and all the women who know him 
said, no way she doesn't want to hear it. But he insisted on emailing her 
and naturally enough, she ignored the email. Anyway, I think Howl is not 
very good at being sensitive to other people (especially the women), but 
some of the heartbreaking would be fairly common male behaviour. Howl may 
be doing it a little more deliberately and heartlessly though.


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