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Sun Nov 19 21:43:52 EST 2000

Jacob Proffitt wrote:

> On Thu, 16 Nov 2000 17:29:13 +1000, Amaya Booker wrote:
> >> > Oz is developing quite a budding film industry.  I think it started
> >> > with Hercules (the TV series) and then Xena.
> >> ...both of which were filmed in New Zealand...
> >Besides the Australian film industry blossomed long before Hercules. Hrmph.
> Yup.  Both true now I think about it.  In fact, I remember that there's some
> weird stuff going back and forth between NZ and Australia.  A lot of back
> and forth has been going on (talent, equipment etc.) and some people resent
> it.  Something about competing for talent.  I don't remember where I read
> that, though, so I can't say if that perception is true...
> Jacob

There was a recent decision to consider material made in NZ as Australian
content for television.

Australian content and the definition of Aus content on TV are what support the
Australian film industry - that commercial stations are obliged to air a certain
percentage of Australian produced TV at certain times, and get various conent
credit depending on the 'quality' of the production - game shows are not equal
to prime time drama.

Allowing NZ TV to be considered Australian content created two problems. In
itself NZ TV doesn't translate particularly well, SBS broadcast the NZ
Neighbours ?'Shortland Street'? without much success, but allowing content that
is US based in all but name - Xena, Hercules - leaves that avenue open for any
movie or show shot in NZ rather than 100% NZ content. (Not to put anything
against the good things that those shows have done for the NZ industry.)

The second part is that if we allow NZ content to be considered Australian
content what stops other countries, *USA* to claim that their TV should be
considered in the same light.

The whole point of it is that US is such a big market that they can recoup the
entire cost of the production - $1M per screen hour for shows like X-files,
Buffy, etc. - through broadcast in the US. Marketing to outer territories is
then a profit-making exercise where they can undercut competing shows on a per
episode cost. Given the choice, would you screen Buffy which might cost you
fifty thousand an episode with a strong US rating history and a huge marketing
machine, or would you buy Wildside, Water Rats, Stingers, at three to four
hundred thousand an episode?

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