Bed-time musings on character in DWJ (F&H)

Tanaqui tweaver at
Thu Nov 16 22:36:00 EST 2000

Nat Case:
+ The more I think about it, the analogy to addiction is apt. People 
+ don't get trapped by alcohol, methamphetamines, or Laurel because 
+ they want to be trapped. They do it because they are promised 
+ something they greatly want. And while they are getting hooked, that 
+ promise is delivered. Then the horror of their entrapment takes hold, 
+ and it is very very hard to get out.

And it's not as if Laurel takes "bottoms" from the BDSM community (oh Laurel,
rule my every move, beat me... can I use my safeword on this whole Year King/
tiend deal? Darn...")

She takes people with no bent to be possessed, by sheer charm and cruel rules.
A belle dame, indeed.

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