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> Well, yes.  But you could also think of the struggle to live morally 
>  as one which is equally never over until one dies.  Which is why I'd 
>  go back to my original point and say that I don't understand what is 
>  explained about Reg by his father's having been taken.  The desire to 
>  get what we want with no cost to ourselves is in all of us surely. 
>  Reg would hardly be in any worse moral shape than anyone else just 
>  because of his father.
I always read this on a very simple level, that it is hard for a mother to 
raise a male child on her own, no matter how good she is.  My grandmother 
raised her children as a single mother around the same time as Granny did.  
She was a tough, determined woman, but it wasn't easy supporting her kids and 
being the only parent.  I definitely think my mother and uncle could have 
benefited from a loving father.  My uncle, especially...


"It is never too late to be what you might have been." --George Eliot

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