Bed-time musings on character in DWJ (F&H)

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Thu Nov 16 17:53:11 EST 2000

Hallie said...
> Well, yes.  But you could also think of the struggle to live morally
> as one which is equally never over until one dies.  Which is why I'd
> go back to my original point and say that I don't understand what is
> explained about Reg by his father's having been taken.  The desire to
> get what we want with no cost to ourselves is in all of us surely.
> Reg would hardly be in any worse moral shape than anyone else just
> because of his father.

The way I've always understood it was that Granny feels she did a bad job of
bringing Reg up because she didn't have his father around to help, and
possibly spoiled him because he was all she had left of his father (with the
result that she never taught him to think of others, or didn't teach him
strongly enough for it to stick).  She has now learned from her mistakes and
is getting a "second chance" with Polly - upon whom she does a pretty good

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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