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Robyn Starkey robyns at
Thu Nov 16 00:56:52 EST 2000

>"Have they rushed out one on the election theme yet?"
>Heh heh, actually they did.  It was only out on election day, as far as I 
>know.  A young man steps into the booth.  A cartoon donkey and a cartoon 
>elephant appear on his shoulders and start to screech at the voter and 
>each other - and it was really pretty wicked for an ad - "vote for me! My 
>dad was president!" and "vote for me! I'm the vice-president!"
>"Going to be here for a while?"
>Oh my!  Please talk more about dwj!

There is a really cool web site where you can get ads - 
which I find quite useful when people talk about the North American ads 
they have seen. I saw this snickers one on there. So if you like, have 
nothing else to do but download and watch ads, here is your venue.

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