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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Wed Nov 15 05:07:13 EST 2000

>Jealousy! I haven't seen *any* episodes of Angel, Channel 4 put it on at 6
>so nobody would be home from work, then of course they cut it (and just
>don't show some eps) as it's "not suitable for family viewing". WELL OF
>COURSE IT ISN'T!! PUT IT ON LATER!!!! Sorry to shout- it's just so annoying.
>Plus they keep moving it so it's more difficult to video. There was a bit on
>Right To Reply last week about why they moved it, but they never said why
>they put it on ridiculously early. I also miss Buffy, but that's because I'm
>at a choir rehearsal and not BBC2's fault.
>I think the situation for sf in general is not quite so bad here, because it
>tends to be on 2 and 4, which are "minority" channels and thus not quite so
>ratings-mad and can keep odd programmes on.

Anyone else watch Farscape?  We're big fans.  That's been on BBC2, in 
the odd 6:45 time slot which most sf shows seem to be pushed into 
(the various Star Treks were/are on then, and Buffy also).  It 
occasionally gets bumped in favour of snooker (I ask you!), but OOH, 
we do have the joy of watching the ad-breaks go by!  US shows like 
these are an hour on Sky, but only 45 minutes on the Beeb.  That is 
_truly_ satisfying!


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