Bed-time musings on character in DWJ

Robyn Starkey robyns at
Wed Nov 15 00:34:01 EST 2000

>My final thought was that Reg's being with Joanna, was like Howl and the 
>Witch of the Waste, but then I remembered wondering whether Sophie had 
>done that?  Can't for the life of me remember whether we discussed this or 
>not, but I'm thinking of the bit near the beginning where she says that 
>the heartless Howl and the Witch of the Waste should get together.  I was 
>never clear whether they'd have to have been together before Sophie said 
>that or not.

I just reread Howl and I think it is a little bit deliberately ambiguous. 
Howl says the Witch wanted him and was put out when she didn't get him, but 
I am not sure if this means he has courted and spurned her like all those 
girls whose hearts he ate or not. It isn't clear how far things get with 
Miss Angorian, either.

Speaking of Miss Angorian, I love the way DWJ makes her so unlikeable, but 
there isn't anything specifically negative about her, you just hate her on 
site. I guess this is because the reader is aligned with Sophie and Sophie 
hates her but I still think it is subtle and clever.


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