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Ven wrote:

> Mark wrote
> > I wonder if anyone can help me. I have just finished watching the BBC
> > adaptation of Archer's Goon. For once I find myself utterly confused. Is the
> > story a metaphor for anything in particular. I have also just finished the
> > book and cannot help but feel that I am missing something.
> >
> > Any help you can give would be most appreciated.
> I agree with Sally that Archer, Dillian et al are personifications of
> the bureaucratic forces that must be pacified by form filling, bill
> paying, seeing bank managers etc, sort of neccessary evils. I think
> DWJ intended comedy rather than allegory however. Public
> transport came under Hathaway and that was why it was stuck in
> the past indeed!
> Another thing that i believe went into the mix was Roger Zelazny's
> Amber novels (I'm sure I read something about this once). There
> are thematic similarities  --
> both have powerful superhuman families who are secret rulers.
> Both have heroes who can't remember their origins in such
> families. And in both the superhuman rulers are big kids who need
> to grow up and stop throwing tantrums. AG, of course takes off in a
> completely different direction to Amber
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I've always suspected, but never followed up, that AG was based on some kind of
slightly twisted myth system, much like EDoL. Something like Titans or Urges.

One of those systems where the creator makes a set of larger than life human
prototypes which are later discarded for the final model. If you put it like that,
they could almost be fallen angels.


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