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Tue Nov 14 22:29:27 EST 2000

Ven wrote:

> > Well, no.  Because I live in Ireland and I'm fairly sure that whichever city
> > it is in "Archer's Goon", it isn't Dublin.  Besides, whoever farms transport
> > here is obviously temporally unstuck; buses come late, early or not at all.
> > There is a temporally unstable black hole at the route 27 terminus, and I
> > think the route 42 pops briefly (from its point of view) into Tir na nOg
> > along its way, which causes it to be otherwise inexplicably so late that it
> > has to just give up and go home to its garage, instead of turning around and
> > going back along the route like it's supposed to.  And the common theory
> > about the 17A is that it's not a bus route, it's an act of god.
> >
> > Actually, that must be it.  Public transport in this city is run by a
> > committee of at least 20 extremely capricious gods.
> >
> That brought a broad grin to my face, Dorian. Does anyone
> remember a story called "A Subway Called Moebious" (I've
> definitely spelled that wrong). its where an underground rail system
> has accidentally formed a m, a moeb, a mo, one of those strips
> and trains go missing. Can anyone help with author -- and spelling?
> I've definitely caught myself asking Hathaway for a bus now and
> then. When I worked in Holland and was homesick I used to wish a
> brown and cream number 75 would appear and take me home for
> the night. That's a bit like the Night Bus in those popular books by
> she who is not as good as DWJ.
>                                            Ven.

That sent me on a bit of a memory hunt, I dug around on my shelves and found it in
a collection called 'Best SF4' edited by Edmund Crispin, faber and faber reprinted

A Subway Named Möbius by AJ Deutsch

It is a great collection, also contains the short version of flowers for Algernon
and It's a Good Life.


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