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Elise wrote
> DWJ wrote on Meredith & Helen's website:
> "Well, I'm not sure about these jinxes. I do have them and they do spread.
> As to Eight Days of Luke, if there is to be anything between Astrid and Luke
> it will not be until Astrid has got over her affair with Thor, which is very
> definitely in there, though between the lines."
> AH-HA!!  Thanks for asking that one Ven!  This is great.  What other
> questions should we ask?  So many have come up over time.
I'm really chuffed, as we say in South Yorkshire (though not 
elsewhere in the North where "chuff" is very rude!) Yeah, I'm glad I 
asked that question,  though it sems my interpretation was off, if 
not entirely. I think I will do a follow up question as DWJ 
suggested. And doesn't she do lovely answers!  

You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.
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