Bed-time musings on character in DWJ

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Tue Nov 14 18:12:31 EST 2000

>I think it could fit into the timescale in the book with the whole of
>affaire, the Witch's capture of Ben - and then when Justin went to look for
>and after several dud finding spells, Justin - between Sophie's remark and
>Sophie meeting Howl, but it would be very tight!

Maybe Sophie's talent was retrospective? I love playing with time travel,
but you wouldn't *believe* (or maybe you would) how compliated it can get.
Prevent one thing from happening and it sets off a chain reaction like
nothing else. In my just-finished book Candle-Iron the heroine spends most
of the book trying to undo something her uncle did, and when she succeeds
she discovers he's likely to do it again since he hasn't retained the
"lesson" that taught him not to... It's great fun, but now I have (for the
sequel) at least a dozen people whose lives - and in some case deaths- have
been rewritten.


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