Oh No! It's food obsessions again!

Sally Odgers sodgers at hotnet.net.au
Tue Nov 14 17:58:46 EST 2000

>> I've never really been a paper chewer.  Pen tops, yes.  Little bits of

My gums still cringe at the memory of pen-plugs. Easy to bite out of the
pen, but then the top would sometimes skid across the gums - ouch! I chewed
paper (the thick, spongy sort) and rubbers (think you call them erasers) -
the light yellowish square sort. I used to chew cotton handkerchiefs and
collars too... then wondered why I got a "sucky" baby daughter who would sit
behind me on the baby seat of my bike and suck a dinner-late-sized wet patch
into my shirt or skirt.

I also chewed grass stems, choumoulia stems and various other oddities. It's
not such a rare habit, it seems! So why is it never mentioned in
baby-rearing books?

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