OT Invasion; Earth

Satu S Hlinovsky skanervi at cc.helsinki.fi
Tue Nov 14 17:11:57 EST 2000

On Wed, 15 Nov 2000, Sally Odgers wrote:

> Has anyone else watched the mini series Invasion: Earth?

Watched? Like on TV? I feel truly alienated. Since the beginning of my
studies I've been without one, and I'm almost always glad about the fact -
this way I'm left with more time for reading... But every time something
interesting is actually broadcasted... Drat! I even have the VCR, and lots
of (unwatched) films, but they'll have to remain unwatched for some time
> What has television got against Brit sci-fi? Any sci fi, for that matter?
> The only sci-fi programmes allowed to air undisturbed are Star Trek and its
> spins-off... oh, and Star Gate gets a reasonable run... mutter mutter - just
> as well.

The programmes are not anti-sci-fi only there, but also here in Finland.
Even if I had a TV I wouldn't have too many good Sci-fi movies shown

> To get this back on topic, if Archer's Goon ever shows again and if we get
> fair warning, I'll try to get a complete tape of it. Might manage it, so
> long as no-one ever realises it's (shhh!) Brit sci-fi!

I'm still waiting for it to be shown for the first time, here, in Finland.
I guess it's going to be a looong wait. But if it's ever shown here, you
can bet I'm going to run fast to the nearest home electronics store and
buy myself a TV !


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