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Tue Nov 14 16:04:19 EST 2000

Jennifer said...

>> Actually, that must be it.  Public transport in this city is run by a
>> committee of at least 20 extremely capricious gods.
>> Dorian. (who calls buses the way most people call dogs:  "Here, bus!
>> bus, here bus!")
> The only possible explanation... except the state of public transport here
> implies *malicious* godlets. (Oh, leaves on the line isn't enough any
> Let's see how leaves in the *generator* work, heh heh. And close all the
> bridges so buses are forced through a funnel of jams! Ahahahaha!!)

Giggle.  No, I think our are not malicious, merely extremely capricious and
dreadfully quarrelsome.  And probably running everything by the consensus
method.  (Which might possibly explain why I had to wait 35 minutes instead
of 5 for a bus home from work today; the sub-committee that runs rail
transport quarrelled so much that all the signal-men went on strike, so no
trains.  And the public transport committee as a whole doesn't even talk to
the general traffic committee (which is almost equally large, capricious and
quarrelsome) - result?  Frightful traffic jams and very late buses.)

Until the sky falls on our heads...

Dorian E. Gray
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No, I haven't lost my mind - it's backed up on tape somewhere.

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