Oh No! It's food obsessions again!

Philip.Belben at powertech.co.uk Philip.Belben at powertech.co.uk
Tue Nov 14 08:07:57 EST 2000

Jacob, replying to my query:

>>Please, please enlighten me.  What on _earth_ is a pixie stick?
> Pixie sticks are a demonic little invention used to sneak almost pure sugar
> into the hands of children.  A pixie stick is very much like a small straw
> that is crimped on each end.  They are made of wax paper and come in
> colorful colors.  Inside is almost pure sugar with a little flavoring to
> match the color of the stick (orange, lime, grape that kind of thing).

I have seen them, but never eaten them.  I had no idea they were called pixie
sticks, though.

On the other hand, I think plastic tubes are more common than paper ones over

> I *love* pixie sticks.  I even eat the stick.  In fact, one of my favorite
> ways to eat the pixie sticks is simply to take a bite (the more usually way
> to eat them is to rip the top off and dribble the contents into your mouth).
> But then, I've been chewing paper since I was a kid.

I think my friend Tony wins even there.  He is a computer nut, and (therefore?)
eats paper tape if he wants to chew paper.  (He says it tastes much nicer than
punched cards).  As far as I know, he only once ate a floppy disk, though.

I've never really been a paper chewer.  Pen tops, yes.  Little bits of plastic
insulation stripped from electric wires, definitely (and especially if I used my
teeth as wire strippers).  The edge of a disposable plastic cup (usually when
I've finished the contents) occasionally.

To bring this back on topic, I think Sirius is the only DWJ character who goes
in for chewing odd things.  I wonder why...


Lizzie, on my final comment in another message:

>> > Philip (who hasn't read Goblet of Fire yet because he's still waiting for
>> paperback)
> <grin> that sounds rather like a snickers commercial.  Snickers (candy
> bar) had a series of humorous (they hope) commercials where someone would

I know it _says_ Snickers on the wrapper, but as far as I'm concerned that bar
is called "Marathon" :-)

> be placed in an odd situation where they obviously couldn't get away for a
> while, and then a voice over would start: not going anywhere for a
> while?  Grab a snickers."  Some of them were funny; I can't remember any
> off the top of my head.  I don't know if those commercials aired outside
> the US.

:-)  Not having a TV (it was TV commercials you meant, wasn't it?) I cannot
claim to be well up on such things, but I doubt that they'd use the same
advertisements over here (UK) that they use in the US.  Elsewhere they might...


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