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Tue Nov 14 05:14:23 EST 2000

From: Hallie O'Donovan 
Mary Ann:
>>Anyway, we named her Belvane (yes,it's from a book), but call
>>  her Bell....
>I very seldom hear a reference to A. A. Milne's Once On a Time-- those
>of you who haven't read it, I think you'd enjoy it very much!
>Hallie, does she fling largesse?

:)  That really made me laugh, because she has a squeaky toy, and one 
time I was watching her play with it.  She picked it up in her mouth, 
and shook her head so that it went flying across the room, and I 
immediately thought that she looked exactly like the Countess 
flinging largesse!

Hurrah! I know what I'm going to read next time I go home. My favourite bit
is probably the kings pretending to be swineherds. Unless it's the poetry.
Or Wiggs. Or...
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