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Tue Nov 14 04:53:27 EST 2000

Kylie asked...
> Have other people found when they need urgently need to get somewhere by
> public transport and there is none in sight they find themselves muttering
> "Hathaway send a bus!  Hathaway send a bus!"
 Besides, whoever farms transport
here is obviously temporally unstuck; buses come late, early or not at all.
There is a temporally unstable black hole at the route 27 terminus, and I
think the route 42 pops briefly (from its point of view) into Tir na nOg
along its way.  And the common theoryabout the 17A is that it's not a bus
 it's an act of god.
Actually, that must be it.  Public transport in this city is run by a
committee of at least 20 extremely capricious gods.
Dorian. (who calls buses the way most people call dogs:  "Here, bus!  Good
bus, here bus!")

The only possible explanation... except the state of public transport here
implies *malicious* godlets. (Oh, leaves on the line isn't enough any more?
Let's see how leaves in the *generator* work, heh heh. And close all the
bridges so buses are forced through a funnel of jams! Ahahahaha!!) Or else
some Mr Chesney in the car industry is coercing a demon.
Who has given up all bus-calling methods and just waits in dumb anguish and
comfy shoes. 
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