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Robyn Starkey robyns at
Mon Nov 13 20:18:42 EST 2000

> > Finally, do any of the US cats like playing with pixie sticks? all of ours
> > are obsessed with them (full or empty). I thought it was just the naughty
> > cat who did it but I have caught both the others playing with pixie sticks
> > on the stairs.
>Please, please enlighten me.  What on _earth_ is a pixie stick?

They are a North American sweet/lolly/candy (pick your dialect). Basically 
they are little paper tubes filled with flavoured sugar. I think they are a 
little like Wizz Fizz or powdered sherbet but my husband says I am deluded 
and they are nothing like it. The flavours include the grape and cherry 
which are stigmatised by my family as the kind of thing you can only like 
if you ate it as a child.


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