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Welcome to the list, Maria!

> Apropos of, well Sirius, I guess, and also sequels--has anyone read "The
> Starlight Barking" by Dodie Smith? I first read it as a child and was a

Ah yes.  I did read it as a child - but I didn't like it enough to track down
101 Dalmations and read that, and I still have never read 101D.

> bit startled by it as a sequel to the "101 Dalmatians", but I seem to
> remember when I first read "Dogsbody" it reminded me a tiny bit of the
> earlier book. It's been a while since I've read either one, though. I
> think "Dogsbody" is actually my favorite DWJ book (definitely a dog

I'd never thought of the Dogsbody connection, but it does seem obvious!
Dogsbody (as I've told the list before) was the first DWJ I ever encountered,
and I've been hooked ever since!

> person, I have 2 cats, an iguana, and a tarantula too but my 2 dogs are
> my babies) but it's one I found too sad somehow to want to reread all

Crikey!  I have no pets [1].  I live alone, and go away quite a lot, so it
wouldn't be fair on them.  But I would choose a cat, I'm afraid.

> that often. I'm not even sure why anymore I found it so very sad, I just
> remember crying a lot and not really being in the mood to cry that hard
> again anytime soon over a book. Can you love something but still find it
> hurts a bit too much to go back to all that often? Or is that too

I think that's valid...

> contradictory for it to qualify as my favorite then? In that case I'd
> have to opt for "A Sudden WIld Magic" due to some decidedly Zillah-like
> tendencies and situations in my life, dammit. (Pre-happy-ending Zillah,
> that is.) Anyway, I've never posted here before so, um, hi. And sorry if
> I've omitted or violated any list protocol.

At last!  Someone else on the list who likes Sudden Wild Magic best!  That took
over from Power of Three as my favourite DWJ - nay, my favourite book - after my
third or fourth reading of it.  I think.

I think I understand what you mean about Zillah, although I would never have
cited that as my chief reason for liking the book.  If it's not contradictory, I
like it both for its completeness and its incompleteness as a narrative.

Anyway, if you don't find it too hard, please tell us some more about yourself!


[1]  Actually I have several (I think it's at least eight) of the 1970s-80s home
computer, the Commodore PET.  But that's just quibbling.


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