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>But Kathleen I found hard - 
>possibly because she seems much closer to Victim than people usually 
>do in DWJ books.  At least IMO. So in that way it left me feeling sad 

This was fairly typical of Jones's earliest books. Most of the lead 
characters' starting points were one incorporating some level of 
victimization (legitimate or not. Kathleen's was worse than most of the 
others) and proceeded to get control of the situation by the ned of the story 
(or turn control over to someone who could be trusted). This device never 
completely disapears, since, after all, it is a classic way to get things 

(Example: Sophie's story doesn't really get off the ground until the witch of 
the waste attacks her, even though she has more or less colaborated in being 
a victim long before that.)
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