DWJ's looks (was: Re: Dogs)

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Sat Nov 11 04:35:17 EST 2000


>That's interesting!  BTW, what does DWJ look like?  I sometimes try to
>picture authors but usually never know how far off I am.  <grin>

Well, there are people on the list who have actually _seen_ her, in 
person <quick pause to get intense envy under control>  but there are 
pictures on the official site and in the back of the new hardbacks, 
so I guess I could have a go.  Uh... round face, short brown hair, 
going grey, not very glamorous looking, high eyebrows which make her 
look very wide-awake, alert, intelligent!  (Or am I projecting what 
we've all encountered in the books??)  Becca says her eyes are 
"crookedly weird", and that her hair isn't short exactly, but kind of 
like a halo all around her head in curls.  We both think the kitten 
she's holding is very cute!

_Please_ anyone who thinks he or she could do better - help us out!


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