cat stories

Robyn Starkey robyns at
Fri Nov 10 17:00:15 EST 2000

Hey a big thank you to whoever started the cat story thread, because I now 
suspect my cats read my email because they have been doing some outrageous 
things, no doubt in an attempt to make the list again.

Two amusing ones -
I bought some stacking plastic cups for the baby and put them on top of the 
tall chest of drawers thinking she didn't need to play with them 
immediately. Then we were downstairs and I heard a bump and a thump 
followed by several of the cups which had been stacked together coming 
flying down the stairs, followed by a determined Delphi.

Our cat MIlhouse loves the baby and will often go up to her and rub his 
head on her hand (we think he is trying to teach her to pat him). When I 
was calling her to crawl to me the other day he kept running between us 
trying to show her what was required. He has also been helping her stand up 
because she uses the laundry basket for balance to pull up on but it is too 
light unless he is sleeping in it. When she stands up and starts pulling 
his fur with one hand and holding on with the other, he makes a tragic 
maiowing noise to be rescued, but he won't jump out of the basket in case 
he tips her over.

Finally, do any of the US cats like playing with pixie sticks? all of ours 
are obsessed with them (full or empty). I thought it was just the naughty 
cat who did it but I have caught both the others playing with pixie sticks 
on the stairs.


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