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Fri Nov 10 13:35:44 EST 2000

Apropos of, well Sirius, I guess, and also sequels--has anyone read "The
Starlight Barking" by Dodie Smith? I first read it as a child and was a
bit startled by it as a sequel to the "101 Dalmatians", but I seem to
remember when I first read "Dogsbody" it reminded me a tiny bit of the
earlier book. It's been a while since I've read either one, though. I
think "Dogsbody" is actually my favorite DWJ book (definitely a dog
person, I have 2 cats, an iguana, and a tarantula too but my 2 dogs are
my babies) but it's one I found too sad somehow to want to reread all
that often. I'm not even sure why anymore I found it so very sad, I just
remember crying a lot and not really being in the mood to cry that hard
again anytime soon over a book. Can you love something but still find it
hurts a bit too much to go back to all that often? Or is that too
contradictory for it to qualify as my favorite then? In that case I'd
have to opt for "A Sudden WIld Magic" due to some decidedly Zillah-like
tendencies and situations in my life, dammit. (Pre-happy-ending Zillah,
that is.) Anyway, I've never posted here before so, um, hi. And sorry if
I've omitted or violated any list protocol.


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