Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Fri Nov 10 10:29:56 EST 2000

>Hi Hallie and everyone,
>	Don't know if anyone remembers me <grin>, but I've been lurking on the

Oh yes.  I remember you - glad you wrote again!

>	I loved reading about Bell and just had to write in.

We loved reading about Pav before!

>  Pav (Pavarotti--my
>guide dog, a labrador) will eat *anything*.  He gets fruits and veggies and
>yogurt all the time, and occasionally other things like eggs and tuna.  One
>thing though...PLEASE don't feed Bell onions.  Onions are toxic to
>dogs--they interfere with blood clotting.  A friend of my family had to
>bring her rottweiler girl to the vet after the dog ate a plate of stuffing
>that had onions in it.  After unwillingly consuming much charcoal (to
>absorb the toxins I guess) and much stress, the poor girl was all right.
>Glad Bell isn't a fan of onions!

You'd think it was that she knew they were bad for her, except for 
the way she behaves when there's chocolate around!  That I know is 
very bad for them, but she loves her dog chocolate, and there's 
little doubt she'd gobble up any chocolate she could get hold of.

>	As for Dogsbody, that may be my favorite DWJ book, although it's
>impossible to decide!  I think whichever one I last read tends to be my
>favorite.  <grin>I so wish there would be a sequel to that book but
>considering how long ago it was I guess that's not likely.  I did notice it
>had an opening for an interesting sequel at the end--I think Kathleen says
>something about how Sirius will always need her, and Miss Smith says (I
>wish I had the book here to refer to) something about there always being a
>possibility if there's need enough.  Then there's the follow-up of Sirius's
>sphere and his refusal to get another companion because he hopes what Miss
>Smith says might be true.  I hope I got that all fairly accurately.

Sounds right to me.  And I forgot - the girls correct me when I use 
"the d-o-g word".  They say the correct term is Canine Companion.  (I 
think it came from "Sister, Sister" on the tv, but I thought it funny 
in light of Dogsbody.)

Glad to hear from you again, Janice.


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