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  <grin>I so wish there would be a sequel to that book but
considering how long ago it was I guess that's not likely.  I did notice it
had an opening for an interesting sequel at the end--I think Kathleen says
something about how Sirius will always need her, and Miss Smith says (I
wish I had the book here to refer to) something about there always being a
possibility if there's need enough.  Then there's the follow-up of Sirius's
sphere and his refusal to get another companion because he hopes what Miss
Smith says might be true.  I hope I got that all fairly accurately. 
	Well, bye for now...
Janice and Pavi

I love Dogsbody too, but have never thought about a sequel. I thought about
this and realised I can't picture a dwj book *wholly* about "aliens", or
whatever luminaries are- the setting of magic among ordinary people seems
important (I know Kathleen is human- maybe "a person among the luminaries"
would work!) It seems to me that the way we just catch glimpses of this
mysterious world is more interesting than a book set *in* that world would
The sequel I would *love* is one set about a hundred years after Spellcoats-
or about past Chrestomancis, as well- how about an Elizabethan Chrestomanci?
Deep Secret- The Continuing Adventure? Sophie as a real old woman? ... or
just plain a sequel to every book, while still writing new ones. Not too
much work at all!
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