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Amaya Booker amaya at whatever.net.au
Fri Nov 10 10:50:48 EST 2000

> >Just a note: John Cleese will be in the Harry Potter movie as Nearly
> >Headless Nick (which is cool but he's too funny to have such a small
> >role!), Alan Rickman will play Snape (though I had pictured someone
> >taller), and Dame Maggie Smith will be Minerva McGonagall.  The last one
> >throws me.  I had seen McGonagall as a lot younger--say, in her
> >forties.  Anyone else have this impression?
I'd love to have seen the woman who plays the stern teacher in the BBC
adaption of the Worst Witch as McGonagall... but then again Harry Potter and
The Worst Witch are very similar so that's hardly surprising. When I read
the HP books she was who I saw in my mind's eye as McGonagall



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