DWJ mention.

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at ic.ac.uk
Fri Nov 10 05:08:22 EST 2000

I was looking through "the harry potter sourcebook" (for class) the other
day in Barnes & Noble.  Seeing that they had a section about what else to
read after Potter, I of course decided to scan for DWJ
mentions.  Well.  She was mentioned, at least.  She was near the beginning
of a long list and the entry went exactly like this: Diana Wynne Jones
(Dark Lord of Derkholm Wizard's University).  
Aside from that, the sourcebook was. . . interesting.  I laughed aloud a
couple of times--like when the author talked about the scene when Ron
tries to cast a spell but his broken wand falls over and how that was
symbolic of his impotence.

Groan. At least she's mentioned, (and near the start) so teachers/pupils
might find some more by themselves.
And LOL! Do you think JKR *meant* to write one of her (child!) characters as
impotent, or is this possibly postmodern "whatever anyone, no matter how
obsessed, reads into the text is valid" stuff? (OK- that's unfair- I do
accept that there are things in a book that the author doesn't realise, and
that alternate readings can be valid- but really!)
So will all the "Ban Harry Potter for witchcraft" groups now ban it for sex,
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