DWJ mention.

M Elizabeth Parks meparks at mtholyoke.edu
Thu Nov 9 16:21:32 EST 2000

I was looking through "the harry potter sourcebook" (for class) the other
day in Barnes & Noble.  Seeing that they had a section about what else to
read after Potter, I of course decided to scan for DWJ
mentions.  Well.  She was mentioned, at least.  She was near the beginning
of a long list and the entry went exactly like this: Diana Wynne Jones
(Dark Lord of Derkholm Wizard's University).  And that was it.  They
didn't even put a comma in between the two titles--I guess the second is
YotG.  Before this, the author had devoted a whole paragraph to Diane
Duane's Wizard books.  Now, I like the Wizard books (except maybe for the
last one), and I'm all for people reading them.  But I have to say that
Duane is nowhere near being as (consistently) good as DWJ.

Aside from that, the sourcebook was. . . interesting.  I laughed aloud a
couple of times--like when the author talked about the scene when Ron
tries to cast a spell but his broken wand falls over and how that was
symbolic of his impotence.

Just a note: John Cleese will be in the Harry Potter movie as Nearly
Headless Nick (which is cool but he's too funny to have such a small
role!), Alan Rickman will play Snape (though I had pictured someone
taller), and Dame Maggie Smith will be Minerva McGonagall.  The last one
throws me.  I had seen McGonagall as a lot younger--say, in her
forties.  Anyone else have this impression?



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