YOG with wee kitty spoilers

Ven ven at vvcrane.fsnet.co.uk
Tue Nov 7 18:55:27 EST 2000

Yes it is a big bag of kitty litter. And how glad I am 
that mine all go outdoors now. When she was little Camberwell 
hadn't mastered the art of covering up very well. She was one of 
those cats who scrape fruitlessly at the carpet and the wall and 
even the wrong patch of litter, her brother Vespa used to jump in 
after her and finish the job properly. I found this terribly sweet. Its 
always seemed that Camberwell gets into trouble by accident and 
Vespa does it very much on purpose but this could be her way of 
staying out of trouble. Now, here's something that proves cats 
could be good if they tried but don't want to -- it took no time at all 
to teach them to leave electrical wires and leads alone yet they still 
scrag the loo roll. Actually Vespa, because he likes to push the 
boundaries, comes and plucks gently at the phone wire when he 
wants me to play. Its a kind of blackmail, "if you don't get my toy 
out I'll have to play with this", very cutely executed. I try to 
encourage him to be cute, rather than naughty, he prefers to do 

Melissa wrote
> Our cat Velvet plays fetch with stuff--specifically lightweight ring-shaped
> objects like hair elastics, or the plastic rings that come on gallon jugs of
> milk in the US.  She likes to believe she is a Fierce Huntress pouncing on
> stuff, and I guess she just figured out early on that the game lasted a lot
> longer if she brought her toys back to be flung again and again.
Camberwell plays with these things too. She likes me to fling them 
in the air and bounce them off the walls or roll them down the 
stairs. Sometimes, if I'm busy, every time I pass the bottom of the 
stairs she'll be there, shrieking at me to throw a few loops. Her 
voice never seems to have broken and her squeaking has to be 
heard to be believed. 

> Our two cats hate each other too.  It's sad and strange because when they
> were little they would curl up together and groom each other and everything.
> Cymby (our other cat) is terrified of children--something we didn't know
> until we started having them--and I think she's just paranoid all the time.
> I wish I could find a new home for her.  She needs a better environment, I
> think.  It's not even that our kids torment her, but she was a stray and
> probably picked up her aversion when she was very tiny.  Poor thing.

I have a job to keep the peace beteween my three. I have a no 
fighting in my bedroom rule (enforced by throwing them all out if 
they start) so its now a place they'll all curl up together. I have the 
most trouble between the boys. So far Alex, the elder, remains top 
cat but Vespa, of course, has to push his boundaries too. However 
I think that Alex is better of with Vespa and Camberwell around. 
Between the three of them they can keep intruding cats out of a 
decent size bit of territory. When I only had Alex he used to try to 
stay awake to be on guard and run himself quite ragged, poor 
thing. Now they take patrolling in turns and sometimes even back 
each other up to face off unwelcome cats. And they play hide and 
seek and chase together. So even though Alex was disgusted by 
the kittens at first I think he appreciates them now. 

I've a suggestion to help Cymby, though it may be hard to get the 
kids to cooperate. Its simply to get them to ignore her, to pretend 
she's not there --the invisible cat game. I've found that nervous cats 
are often discomforted by any sort of attention, good bad or 
indifferent. Even "There's the cat." will upset them, let alone "Pretty 
kitty, come and have a cuddle." Camberwell used to be terrified of 
visitors, hiding under the sofa or running away when they came. So 
I got visitors to ignore her and gradually she's become happy 
enough to sit next to me when someone's round and even lets 
herself be fussed sometimes. I think the penny has finally dropped 
that people like her and want to pet her -- Dur!


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