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Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at ic.ac.uk
Tue Nov 7 04:56:30 EST 2000

+ someone says at some point that "saying the One was her grandfather was
+ probably just what we mean when we say he is our Grand Father". (This must
+ make it easier for the Undying who are around).
>Well, the Clans from Haligland meant the Grand Father title literally - it
>just a bit more remote than the literal grandfather-nature of the One to
>Closti's children.

Exactly- and by the "modern" bit of Crown of Dalemark, it had become
completely symbolic, and I think the person who said this was interpreting
the *past* use of it as symbolic, when really it was literal! 

>If you're the One, you get all the attention. If there are more, they get 
>progressively less assigned to them? The Elder Undying have a lot of faith
>invested in them, and ritual pertaining to them.

That makes a lot of sense- the earlier ones become gods, the next oldest
nature spirits, then folk heroes...

> I wonder what Hern's respect for his own mind makes of his role as ghostly
>advisor to future kings?

He certainly seems quite - well, cross with himself isn't right, but thinks
he was foolish to ask the boon. But how he manages to get round the
prohibition on giving advice suggests that he's still thinking his own way,
although unalive!
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