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Becca and Jennifer prompted this:
The Undying are tricky to consider as gods. Some of them rather require 
attention and focus (and I think this is a quality of gods, that they draw
attention from people). I don't think Mitt is really Undying, though, but
rather that his lifespan is due to the One's intervention.

The One can't promise him a chance to live in Maewen's time, but he does what
he can, I think. I'm not sure Mitt has magic, and I know that he avoided being
a useful conduit to the One (I think if the One was prolonging his life, then
Kankredin could get at the One through Mitt) by controlling his kingly image 
(if you can't stop someone idolising you, make sure it's done so it is patently

+ (certainly all Tanaqui's family seem to be magic- 

I don't think Hern is. That's the One and his literalist bargains again. When
Tanaqui agrees to weave for him, she's taking on that "When mages weave, then
what they weave is so" burden, knowing that the she's going to have to be very
careful in expressing her understanding.

I wonder what Hern's respect for his own mind makes of his role as ghostly
advisor to future kings?

But yes, Closti's children are conduits to the One for Kankredin. I think the
dissipation of the River, and the freeing of the One from his bonded duty to
Cenblith's people stops this approach. Those related to the Undying are no
longer links to the life behind the land.

+ Weaver, a sort of Fate- does that sort of "amplification" always happen to
+ Undying once they take up a role? If so, why do/did they not move on like
+ Duck did, by changing identities? 

Tanaqui said she'd work for the One. He's at the back of human history in
Dalemark. She's now got to deal with that history. Mallard seems not to have
committed to anything besides Wandering (not very focussed). He tinkers with
history, and he was a bit of a tinkerer as a child (he could do quick and
useful spells while Tanaqui was there assembling mental pictures, requiring
understanding of a situation).

+ Were there some original true gods, who, erm, put the human-immortality
+ genes into the Dalemark population, 

The One, via his union with Cenblith. His daughter with Closti. Mallard and 
Tanaqui have also contributed to the genetic pool, probably Robin and Tanamil
have as well. 

+ so that recently-born Undying are qualitatively different from older ones? 
+ (This doesn't *seem* to be what is meant, as far as information is ever 
+ given, but who knows.)

If you're the One, you get all the attention. If there are more, they get 
progressively less assigned to them? The Elder Undying have a lot of faith
invested in them, and ritual pertaining to them.

+ someone says at some point that "saying the One was her grandfather was
+ probably just what we mean when we say he is our Grand Father". (This must
+ make it easier for the Undying who are around).

Well, the Clans from Haligland meant the Grand Father title literally - it was
just a bit more remote than the literal grandfather-nature of the One to
Closti's children.

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