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> 2.  I told the bookshop that YOTG was already out of print.

It's already out of print? I'm about to order it! Grrr!

> There was an earlier cover with lots of yellow, apparently executed in pastels
> or coloured pencils, which wasn't bad - who drew that?

It's probably Michael Munday: the one with Polly and Tom seen from
the back looking at burning hay bales, with a very vague face of
probably Laurel superimposed. The picture doesn't have so much
yellow, it's more than half blue, but the book has a yellow spine
which gives the impression of a yellow book. It's the 1987 Methuen
Teens edition. 

I bought it at Manchester Airport in early 1988, read it waiting for
the plane to Amsterdam, on the plane, sitting on my suitcase in the
railway station, on the train, in the taxi, and at home without
unpacking and with my coat on until I'd finished at three in the
morning. Then I slept for five hours or so, did some unpacking, and
started on it again.

> There was the awful one with some female (Laurel?) on a horse
> (which should make her Mary Fields ;-) ).

I think I had that one, briefly, until I gave it away. Who was it
that I sent F&H to in exchange for A Wizard Abroad? Someone on this
list, surely.

> Last week I discovered who this person is.  It is, of course, John
> Wellington Wells. ("Who??" I hear you cry.)

No, you hear me sing "Oh, my name is John Wellington Wells, I'm a
mumble mumble mumble" because I used to know that but I've forgotten.

> Oh! my name is John Wellington Wells
> I'm a dealer in magic and spells,
>      In blessings and and curses
>      And ever-filled purses,
> In prophecies, witches and knells.

Ah, that's the one :-)


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