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Sun Nov 5 19:24:25 EST 2000

I have just changed my email address, unsubscribed and 
resubscribed. I hope its all worked, I shan't believe it has til I get 
the next digest.

One of the people I role play with often brings one or other of her 
cats. Its usually the youngest, Chen. He's a Birman, which means 
he's very fluffy, and has siamesy colouring with white paws and 
blue eyes. I swear he's part teddy bear, even now he's over a year 
old he lets people pass him from hand to hand for cuddles. Most of 
the time he's too laid back to steal dice, he just comes and sits on 
the battle mat "We've summoned the giant kitty, the battle's over!" 
we cry, but he scatters the figures of enemy forces and players 
alike. When he was younger he used to like to stuff himself into 
tissue boxes, he can still be persuaded to put his head and one 
paw in.

Back to YOG, the Guardian ran a profile of an American scientist, 
Evelyn Fox Keller which is of some relevance. it talks about her 
postgraduate disillusionment studying physics at Harvard:

"I went to graduate school to learn about........ the nature of space, 
time and matter .......... I was taught instead how to do physics. In 
place of wisdom I was offered skills. Furthermore this substitution 
was made with moralistic fervour. It was wrong, foolhardy, indeed 
foolish to squander precious time asking "why?" Proper humility 
was to bend to the grindstone and learn techniques."

and further on 

"I didn't fully understand that in addition to the techniques of 
physics they were also learning the techniques of arrogance"

Ouch. its all true.  A friend of mine (Chen's keeper in fact) is now a 
consultant pathologist. At one point in her studies she was told, 
quite literally that she would never make consultant unless she 
learned how to sound sufficiently arrogant. 


You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.
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