Cats, cat-lovers, and cat-LOVERS.

M Elizabeth Parks meparks at
Sun Nov 5 15:18:16 EST 2000

Gili wrote:
In the meantime, Ven, I think that's quite a can of kitty litter you've
opened up there. Quite a few of us are cat lovers, and there is much to

(lol).  Oh, yes.  My cat's name is Tiamat, and a beautiful cat she is,
too--I find it utterly depressing that I can't bring her to school with
me.  My mother now warns people against naming their pets after various
chaos goddesses--Tiamat was the Babylonian chaos goddess, and sometimes
Tia-cat acts in a manner remniscent of her namesake.  But I adore
her.  One of her more interesting wake-up tricks is the one where she
comes into my room and lies down on the back of my head.  I awake to find
myself smushed against my pillow, a large furry purring mass on my
head.  And then of course I hate to disturb her, so I've spent several
mornings lying there underneath my cat for way too long.  Um,
yeah.  What's that line from "the truth about cats and dogs?" Oh,
right.  Janeane Garafalo says-- "it's okay
to love your pets, just don't *love* your pets."  Um.  Feeling
sheepish.  I fully intend to be a cat lady when I grow up--I'd love to
have three or five or twenty-seven running around the house.



Just watch me--I will become the God of Death once again.  But right
now. . . I need some sleep.

		--Duo Maxwell, "Gundam Wing"

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