dwj-digest (Diana Wynne Jones) V1 #240

Gili Bar-Hillel abhillel at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 5 07:59:57 EST 2000

YOtG finally arrived, and has been duly read.
Who else are we waiting for before we start discussion? Raise your hands, 

In the meantime, Ven, I think that's quite a can of kitty litter you've 
opened up there. Quite a few of us are cat lovers, and there is much to 

BTW, I now know as a fact that DWJ has cats, but I would have known anyway, 
because she does cats so well.

My cat Liki used to wake me up by purring very loudly into my ear. Gentle, 
but highly effective, even at 4am. The current resident cat, Sushi, wakes me 
up by pouncing and biting my toes. (Liki and Jenny were left behind with my 
mother when I moved out; I wanted to take them with me, but she wouldn't let 

Jenny used to blackmail me into opening doors for him. For a while my mother 
tried limiting him to two rooms in the house, but this proved impossible to 
enforce. He would sit by the door of my room, meowing loudly, and clawing at 
the handle (I'm convinced he even opened it a few times on his own, but it 
was not a cat-friendly handle). When this didn't work, he'd leap up to one 
of my shelves where I kept little fragile knick-knacks and doll furniture, 
and position himself behind something breakable. Then he'd meow for my 
attention, and position his paw in such a way as one flick of the paw could 
knock over something from the shelf. He'd meow again. If I still refused to 
open the door, he would start knocking objects off the shelf, one by one, 
slowly and deliberately. Needless to say it did not get this far more than 
once or twice, because once I knew he meant business I responded as soon as 
he was on the shelf. It was terrorism, plain and simple.
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