Simon Says (Witch Week)

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at
Fri Nov 3 06:17:10 EST 2000

It's a game, often played at children's parties. I find it irritating rather
than fun, but I don't have to go to children's parties any more so that's
all right.
One person is the leader, and gives instructions to the others by saying
"Simon says stand on one leg" or "Simon says touch your nose". If the leader
*misses out* "Simon says", and just says "Stand on both legs again" or "Pull
a face", and you obey the instruction, you are out. (That is, you do what
Simon says but do *not* do anything else.) The winner is the last one in,
and becomes the leader for the next round. (It is surprisingly difficult, no
matter how hard you listen.)
So the "Simon says" spell is a malicious joke, really.

Hi all,
another question from a non-native speaker: is there something special
about the phrase "Simon says"? Is that a saying or something?
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