Caroline Stevermer

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at
Wed Nov 1 11:37:18 EST 2000

Isn't this list useful? 
Who thinks everyone needs to make friends with a librarian or two. Ook.

Good idea!  I was thinking the other day I needed to order some new fantasy
books for the library.  Are you anywhere near the inner-Melbourne area
Robyn?  I'd be happy to put the request through as a priority from

> Can you check to see if your local library has it on order, and put in a
> request for them to purchase it if they haven't?  That's what I'll be
> now I know that it exists!
>> Kylie

> >Hi
> >
> >I know a lot of you dwj-ers liked A College of Magics, and I saw that
> >Stevermer has a new book out which looks like it is set in the
> >same world.
> >Has anyone read it? Comments? I am mildly reluctant to buy the
> >hardback
> >because it costs nearly $50 Australian, and okay while that is
> >not actually
> >a lot in hard currency, it is a lot to me.
> >
> >Robyn
> >
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