I Capture the Castle, other books

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Wed Nov 1 08:48:44 EST 2000

Gili wrote:
reading it and it was utterly delicious, I'm sure many of you would LOVE
it if you haven't read it yet - "I Capture the Castle" by Dodie Smith.
Such a wonderful book. It was reprinted recently, so I've picked up, because        
J.K.Rowling said in an interview it was one of her favorites. Good for

I second (although at this point I think it's "fourth") this
recommendation.  That's one thing you can say for J. K. Rowling--even if
you don't like HP, she's getting other books into print.  The copy I
bought has a quote from her in huge letters across the front.  I didn't
know about Smith's other books.  I'm going to have to track some
down...right after I run out of Bujold books.  I read _Memory_ in two
days, after re-reading _A Civil Campaign_.  Now I'm on to _Cetaganda_.
Out of order, I know, but I've never been a stickler for those things.
And since I began with _A Civil Campaign_, I know how some things come out

Oh, how I wish I lived closer to some of your poor souls suffering without
YotG.  I bought it in Chicago almost a month ago and it's been laying on
my dresser begging to be re-read ever since I finished it.

Thanks for the news about the new Stevermer book.  I'll have to check that
out too.

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