Howl's magic

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And when Howl took Sophie and Michael (almost abbreivated that, but then
thought better of it) to meet his family, he made that video game for his
nephew.  I could be wrong, but I seem to remember that he pulled that from a
previously empty pocket, which certainly speaks of magic to me.  But I don't
actually have a copy yet, so I can't run and check on that.  Also, about the
pepper, that was Sophie, not Howl, and I think it's established that Sophie
does have magic in that she talks to things, and that's not all that
scientific.  You could speculate that the pepper merely has a placebic
effect on the Count, and that's how the fight's made fair, but then there's
also Howl's suits and the hats.  And the Witch of the Waste also has magic,
as seen in Sophie's transformation, so magic does seem to exist in Ingary,
at least, even if Howl's is a form of something scientific.  Or Howl's magic
could be part of the bargain with Calcifer, who I think was the one who kept
the castle moving.  But Howl does seem to have magic in the sequel, after
the bargain's done.  Also, wasn't the other wizard, Suliman, from Wales (or
wherever), too?  And according to Mrs. Pentstemmon, they were both quite
powerful, and she seemed to see magic (she saw Sophie's charms on Howl's
clothing) so one would think that she'd be able to tell the difference.

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