Fire and Hemlock

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> It sounds really harsh and distasteful to me, but I think Seb's best action
>  could well be, well, making away with himself rather than accede to being
>  coopted by an evil he can't otherwise escape.

Poor Seb.  He's in a horrible situation.  Could he escape if he were a 
different sort of person, someone more like Thomas, or is he caught in a 
hereditary monarchy with no chance of abdication?  It seems so sad that his 
only alternative is suicide.  What would Laurel do if he did do away with 
himself?  Is her power somehow bound up in having a consort who reincarnates? 
 Would she have to start another royal line or would she lose her power?

This whole backstory is so creepy; a sort vampire/creche thing with Laurel 
breeding consorts as if she were a horse breeder.  Yeuch.  Also unwholesome 
is the fact that usually myths have the old king die in order for the new 
king to renew the land, but nothing seems to be getting renewed in Laurel's 
world, only prolonged far beyond its normal span.  You catch unpleasant 
whiffs of the decaying corpse underneath.  Double yeuch.

Your speculation about Seb killing himself does make me wonder what would 
happen if everybody around Laurel refused to cooperate.

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