Fire and Hemlock

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Alex wrote:

"What I do have difficulty with is who the woman who
died was. I'm not completely sure that it was Seb's mother, I think that it
was Laurel who told us that and everything she says is questionable.
Also,why would she be leaving all that she owns to Laurel?"

Until this topic was raised on the list, I never realized that I believed
two things to be true at the same time.  I believed that Seb's mom was the
woman who died - and I also believed that it was just Laurel "renewing" her
own identity - that her old identity had been discarded - and the whole
funeral was a sham - and that Seb's mom had died of some other thing, in the
way of us mortals.  Kind of an everywhere and nowhere sort of a thing, isn't

But now I've got some new ideas, thanks to all of you.  First, I am thinking
that Laurel never "gives" anything - unless she knows she will get it back.
She never meant to give Tom the powerful and/or expensive pictures, Polly's
mischief is responsible for that. Perhaps the el cheapo pictures were Seb's
mom's pictures.  Also, I think that the woman who died went un-memorialized
because she and her memory were tossed into a paradox by and for the benefit
of Laurel - it was Laurel's mom's funeral, ostensibly. But someone really
died who didn't get a true memoriam at all.  Whatever uncertainty there was
in the reading of the Will was probably whatever really did belong to the
woman who really died.  Just like Polly's grandfather would have been
totally forgotten.  What a gruesome story behind the story.

It sounds really harsh and distasteful to me, but I think Seb's best action
could well be, well, making away with himself rather than accede to being
coopted by an evil he can't otherwise escape.

Yours in speculation
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