Fire and Hemlock Reprint

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Mon May 29 08:31:16 EDT 2000


>I ordered a new copy of FIRE AND HEMLOCK from last night (just
>think, it is on its way as I write!) and was wondering if anyone knew what the
>cover looks like?  My own tattered and much-loved paperback copy is the one
>with Laurel on the horse wearing a semi-transparent gown--one of my all time
>least favorite covers, on one of my all time favorite books!  Argh!  I'm
>thinking the new cover couldn't be worse, though the new Chrestomanci covers
>make me worry.
>Can anyone placate my worries?

ARGH!!  No!  I saw the new Fire and Hemlock this morning, and - UGH!  I've
also got the Berkeley PB with the dire picture of Laurel, and I'd have
thought the new cover couldn't be worse, but I think it just may be.
Polly's got the blond hair all right, but she's got strange shadows on her
face, and looks more like the Undead than anything else.  There are smaller
pictures in circles scattered around, and there are the vases, and a violin
and hemlock, but also an eyeball - must be Mr. Leroy's "poached eyes".  The
whole effect is quite freaky!

Sorry about your worries, Sarah, but this way you'll be warned, and maybe
this is only my reaction to the cover.  And the new copy shouldn't fall
apart for a while, at least.  :-)

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