Fire and Hemlock Reprint

Rebecca Ganetzky rganetzky at
Sun May 28 20:07:19 EDT 2000

You just ordered a NEW copy of fire and Hemlock?  Does this mean it is
going back into print?  Will someone please enlighten me on the reprinting
of DWJ books?  I was under the belief that only the Chrestomanci series
would be reprinted.  Are they all going to be reprinted for sure?  Is this
just in the UK or over here in the US as well.
p.s. I also half own a copy of F&H with the picture of Laurel?  on the
horse (we've gotten into debates over whether we are supposed to believe
she is Laurel, all though Polly looking like that is ridiculous)  and I
hate that cover, too.

Rebecca D.  Ganetzky

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