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Sun May 28 11:08:42 EDT 2000

on 27.5.2000 23:06, Mary Ann Dimand at amaebi at iwon.com wrote:

> I'd love to see that dramatization! I haven't yet seen the Archer's Goon
> video, but I think that Gormenghast offers somewhat similar opportunities--
> though with much less Rollick.

It's available through Amazon.co.uk where I bought it. And if you want some
more info on the production you could check BBC's page at
http://www.bbc.co.uk/gormenghast/ where you can find all kinds of
information from costumes to sets.

> I understand that I am far from alone in feeling this effort, and
> that quite a few people don't bother or resent it. Personally, I feel that
> it's well worth the effort, and that Peake's style is completely appropriate
> for his matter.

Yes, I though so. A friend of mine has read the books some years ago and is
now in the process of re-reading them and from her I gathered the impression
they could take some effort to get into, but would probably be worth it.
BTW, she tackles this problem by reading only one chapter every night before
going to sleep.

> Readers who dislike bizarre events won't care for them, but I
> shouldn't think this would be a problem for DWJ afficionados. :D

Yes, I could see from the tv-production that there were plenty of bizarre
events =).

Thank you very much for your comments. I guess I'll try them to find out
whether I like them or not.


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