fire and hemlock

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 I don't _think_ it's likely.  Only going by Seb's comment
>that he was only half Leroy, as his mother was as ordinary as Polly.
I was also firmly under the belief that Laurel was Seb's mother, and very
confused when Iread it for the second time and realized it was never
explicitly stated, but, while I'd like to quote evidence but I share joint
custody of my copy of F&H and it's not my week to own it...
>The funeral was that opportunity for Laurel, but I think there really was a
>woman's life taken.  Anyone else agree or disagree?
I was under the belief, due to other sources, that Laurel used to inhabit
the dead woman's body and it was only Laurel's body dying but then Laurel
took over another women's body (the Laurel we see for the entire book after
that) so it was only the new body -- now Laurel- that "died".
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