fire and hemlock

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Fri May 26 06:34:01 EDT 2000

Robin wrote:

>I may be way out there, but isn't Laurel in fact Seb's mother?  Isn't this
>part of Laurel's being so vicious and strange?  The funeral at the start is
>in fact a once-in-eighty-years way for Laurel to stay publicly young and
>alive - she "inherits" her estate from herself.  That's why it has been 18
>years since Sebastian's "father" has been energized and why he is so
>desperate for a sacrifice. (Sorry about names - I read the book on a library
>loan - twice in two days! - so I can't check the details.)

That's actually a possibility I'd never even considered!  More head-paining
exertion later, I don't _think_ it's likely.  Only going by Seb's comment
that he was only half Leroy, as his mother was as ordinary as Polly.

The funeral was that opportunity for Laurel, but I think there really was a
woman's life taken.  Anyone else agree or disagree?

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