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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Fri May 26 06:34:02 EDT 2000

Hi Lizzie,

Welcome!  I can relate to the feeling of excitement on finding the list, as
I'd not found many people who'd read DWJ either.  And I discovered Sorcery
and Cecelia _through_ the list - so that was an added bonus.

It seems as if you're in the right place!  :-)

hallieod at

>Hi, I'm Lizzie, and I'm new to the list.  I've been a huge fan of DWJ for
>years--since about fifth grade, I think, and I've just now finished my
>first year of college.  For some reason I never really thought of looking
>for stuff about her online--I guess because I've never really found all
>that many people who've read her work in general, so I'm very excited
>about the list.  Like I said, I'm a big fan.  I even wrote one of my
>college application essays on Charmed Life.  I've just been looking at the
>archives, and was also excited to see that somebody else in the world had
>not only heard of but read Sorcery and Cecelia, because I've never been
>able to find anyone else who's done that before, either.  And I've got a
>million little bits of things to say, but that'll take a while, so for now
>just, hello.

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