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Thu May 25 17:28:42 EDT 2000

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>  Max - you're back!  :-) :-)  You've been sorely missed!  And 
>  Hallie.

Hi Hallie!  Hi everyone! <blows kisses and waves> I missed you too!  I still 
got the digest, but it wasn't the same not being able to post :(

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> Ham - peas - eaten with knife? - silverware - chrestomanci!

Or in reverse: DWJ - Chrestomanci - silverware - eaten with knife? - peas - 
ham - bacon - Kevin Bacon!  He really is the center of the universe!

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> > Max <lightheaded because thesis is done>
>  Congratulations and confabulations to you! I shall order a Triumph for you
>  directly. :) With or without sneetches?


In a message dated 5/25/00 1:37:18 PM Eastern Daylight Time, emcmullin at 
>  Remember thou art mortal.  Remember thou art mortal....

Wait, wait; I'm feeling v obtuse!  Triumph w/ or w/o sneetches?  Is this 
something to do w/ Dr Seuss??  Hazarding a guess I'll pick "with sneetches" 
<keeping my fingers crossed and closing my eyes tight>  !!

>  > Is goober something to do with the song "Eating Goober Peas"?
>  > Why does it make me think of Gomer Pile?
>  The latter, I can answer. Acos Gomer had a cousin named Goober Pyle.

Well, go-o-lly and I'll be a son of a gun!!  Didn't Gomer Pyle sing too?  I 
mean in real life.  Perhaps he sang "Eating Goober Peas" or maybe "Eating 
Goober's Peas"  Perhaps he ate them with ham.

Max <scratching her head and wondering what it is about this list and food>
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